Misaki Yamada

Piano Lesson

I give piano lessons at my place in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht.

Piano lessons include general music education which goes further than only piano, especially for beginners. But the lessons are for both beginners and advanced players who are considering taking the entrance exam for a conservatory, for instance.

I can also arrange your favorite pieces if you have recordings (on Youtube etc), so that you will have more fun playing the piano.
In general, beginning students can learn to play with both hands in half a year. (Of course, it depends on your motivation and how much time and you have to practice).

Lesson fees are excluding travel costs, and VAT (BTW).*For under 21 years old, VAT is included.

30min / 30euro
45min / 35euro
60min / 40euro
*Discount for siblings or parent and child pare: 5 euro discount from the second sibling. So for example, with three siblings: 30min/€30 for the first, €25 for the second and €25 for the third.
In the case that one of the siblings cancels the lesson for any reason but the second sibling still takes the lesson, the fee will be the usual price for one person.
*In case of student cancellation on the lesson day, the charge is full fee.
In case of cancellation before the day, there is no charge.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further questions!